Origin and Development of Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia

The co-ordination exercise programme of this therapy originated at the Professional School of
Body Works, Israel. From there the Elbaum Approach was developed as an integrative
therapeutic methodology aimed at the treatment of a wide range of learning and functional
Further development of this therapy with the addition of the special acupressure and massage
therapy has been at the Axelsons Gymnastic Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Axelsons Institute
is Scandanivia’s largest and most renowned complementary medicine college. The Axelsons
Institute works extensively in all areas of society throughout Northern Europe to spread the
knowledge and understanding of the importance and many benefits of massage and touch
Physical Therapist Katie Losty is trained by Ann-Chatrine Jonsson, Project leader for Massage
& Learning at the Institute and is affiliated to Axelsons as Practitioner and Course facilitator for
Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia here in Ireland.

Research in the area of Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia Treatment

Articles and testimonies in the area of Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia Treatment

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